Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ridin' the Storm out...

After months of trying, I've finally been able to make a semi-decent "Storm" technique bead.
Amy, from AKDesigns, created this type of bead and technique and it makes great use of the reduction properties of some silver/reactive type glass. It is fun to do (now that I have the hang of it) and I have to hold myself back from using up all my Aion 2, Terra 2.1, Luna, and "Helios" on these. I really like the effect of the finished beads, they look like they have mysterious jewels set in them, or that they are bubbles or windows filled with a strange atmosphere...who doesn't love a good mystery?
I have made about 20 so far and have enjoyed every second of experimenting on them. A big thank you to Amy for such clear directions!
Bead pix of the day:
Storm beads, using various reactive and silver glasses

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