Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It felt so good to get back to messing with glass! I was able to make beads most of Monday, from about 9am to 5pm. It was nice. I feel so comfortable sitting at my torch on days like that, it is like meditation. The world falls away, my problems don't seem so huge, and I can concentrate on creating. Work and some family concerns have been conspiring to keep anything not required for daily life pushed to the side, and I was happy to spend that time watching glass melt.

I got a lot done. First, since I had a comission of sorts to get out of the way, I made a few blue florals for a co worker. She saw the purple encased floral I made last month and asked if I could make her one in blue (specifically cobalt blue-I have no idea why). "Sure", I said, confident in my newly developed encasing ability, "I can do that.". Umm, yeah...right. It was a little like an out of the body experience-I was watching my mouth run way ahead of my skill. She asked how much one would be and I quoted her the princely sum of $10.00, kind of half hoping she would think it was too much. "OK, make me a blue one.", she said and the game was on.

Once that was out of the way, I experimented with some red and white flowers. I love white flowers and have wanted to try making an encased floral bead with moonflowers. That one didn't turn out quite as I planned, but the one I made with red flowers looks great...I'm really happy with it. I do need to learn how to make and use stamen cane as my next step. I fooled around with it during the last challenge, but was never very pleased with the results.

Then I moved on to Goddess beads, the current Newbie Challenge at Lampworking, etc. forums.

Hmm...I made three of them and I guess they are ok. I had higher aspirations, but just wasn't in a sculptural groove. I wanted to make more Storm beads because I have become addicted to them. And dots. I wanted to make lots of dots...but had to be satisfied with making another set of the RCG Storms. I had admired that style of beads ever since I got back to glass...and now thats all I want to make. This will just have to run its course, but in the meantime I am learning lots of valuable skills like dots, dots and more dots. Oh and heat control and timing too. lol

The reactions and colorations that the RCG has never cease to intrigue me. I have ordered more, plus a half pound of Russet Copper Green, and a rod each of Copper Green and Turquoise Copper Green just to see what they do. Its official-I'm a glass ho.

Added Wednesday morning:
I'm off to work, see ya later!

Go Giants!

Bead pix of the day:

"Blue Flowers", encased floral using Effetre Light Turquoise and transparent Cobalt, Vetrofond Jungle Twilight and Effetre Superclear.

"Mysterious Rose", encased floral using CiM Lipstick and Bordello, Vetrofond Jungle Twilight, and Effetre Superclear.

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